Now is the season

Now is the season

Upon the announcement from RatDog that their tour is cancelled for the rest of 2014 & Jamaica 2015, I have experienced a plethora of emotions, assuredly experienced by fellow Deadheads. Initial disappointment, hey – our One More Saturday Night show in Canandaigua this week is off. Whoa!  My road included Lock’n (RatDog and Furthur) and who knows what other shows would draw me there. Disappointed, yes very much so. But I’m over it, And here’s why.

Bob Weir has given his all, heart & soul to us for 49 years. Think about it – not only as a member of the Grateful Dead, but also his side projects (RatDog, Kingfish, Bobby & The Midnights, Scaring The Children, Weir & Wasserman, and solo, etc…) have encompassed his life since his teens. Can you even fathom the experience, all the road trips, living out of a suitcase or less, the energy spent day in & day out, night after night?  It’s mind boggling.

Now it’s our turn. Let’s surround Bobby with love, light, peace & healing vibes. Let it flow like a river, not black & muddy but powerful with magnificent ripples of love.  Picture Bobby floating free, weight off his shoulders, feeling better as the days go on. Resting in a hammock by the water, listening to the river sing sweet songs to rock his soul!

We can do it, I know we can. Together we can manifest anything, let’s give our hearts and souls to Bob Weir as he has done for us. Let’s come together as one big powerful ball of light and support his journey …

Best wishes Ace

2 thoughts on “Now is the season

  1. Beautifully written ,and these word’s convey my thought’s and gratitude for ever having the amazing gift of the music .I /we have enjoyed so very much every note chord song Bob has given .My wish for him is to “BE” He has has given so much (as said) Lay back Bob .Be with your lady ,and your girls .Sail away .Breath deep and smile at the sky .Love ya Weir ..Forever grateful ..


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