Grateful Dead For Dummies – Mail Order Kindness

Given the exciting news that has surfaced regarding the Grateful Dead’s 50th Anniversary celebration, I thought it might be time to write about the good ole Grateful Dead shows and community, in an effort to enlighten the new passengers on the bus.  My hope is that this series of posts will improve upon the coming experience in Chicago, maybe even instill some of the hippy values in those attending.  This world can sure use more hippy!  Last post:  Click me

Mailorder Tickets

Some of my favorite memories are related to the Grateful Dead Tickets experience.  You see, it’s not about instant gratification – I know, how dare they right?  Get over it, the mail order process is a psychedelic blast.  We get to create incredible envelopes and relish the anticipation of receiving tickets, actual tickets, in the mail.  How awesome is that?  Check out some of the tasty work, awesome stuff!  

Take a walk down memory lane with this blog:  The Music Never Stopped .  

Have some fun, make groovy art, smile
All of the mail order information is here, good luck and remember – Stay Lifted & Stay Grateful!!

Grateful Dead Reunion Aug 2002
Archive:  The Other Ones

Remember, be kind, have fun and smile, smile, smile!

During the music, we STFU!!

Comments always welcome and appreciated, kindness counts. Peace and Love, see you at the show!


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