Grateful Dead For Dummies – Vol V – Darkness Got To Give

Given the exciting news that has surfaced regarding the Grateful Dead’s 50th Anniversary celebration, I thought it might be time to write about the good ole Grateful Dead shows and community, in an effort to enlighten the new passengers on the bus.  My hope is that this series of posts will improve upon the coming experience in Chicago, maybe even instill some of the hippy values in those attending.  This world can sure use more hippy!  Last post:  Click me, Click me

Since the announcement, there has been a flurry of activity, quite obviously the shows have stirred deep emotions, most posted on social media.  It’s like one long roller coaster ride, twisting and turning, climbing and descending like, well, a slingshot from Mars.  For me, it’s been quite a challenge to remain positive, take in all that’s good (and there’s a lot) and release all that’s bad ( people, really?).  I wrote about staying lifted in Vol IV, sharing some things that work for me to keep my head above the muddy water.  In an effort to shine light into the murky tide, here’s some more inspiration.

Seeds of Light

What fatal flowers of darkness

Bloom from seeds of light  ~ Blues For Allah

Creativity abounds!  The artwork, music and writing being birthed by our community is incredible.  Folks have taken to scouring their archives for photos and memories of past shows and experiences for posting into various forums.  It has been great to see and read your memorable moments in Grateful Dead history, man do I regret not capturing more of mine.  It was difficult enough at times to keep tabs on myself, never mind a camera, but people did and I’m grateful for those who managed.  Do you have some tasty pics?  Please send them my way and let me know if it’s ok to post, or not.

 I Can Hear It Beat Out Loud

Shakedown Street never ceased to amaze me, and seeing your pictures brings it all back.  One could find anything on the lot, good and bad, yet the creativity exhibited in food, clothing, swag, music is second to none.  So many times I’d come out of the show and the sights, sounds and smells would hit me.  Patchouli, weed, incense and the food, oh the food.  Have you read this post about how Deadheads changed food preparation and consumption?  I could go for a kind grilled cheese or veggie burrito right now.

Shakedown became so popular that many fans of other bands started their own lot scenes that continue to this day. This is fantastic and a tribute to the legacy, I just wish they would come up with their own “branded” names for it.

SYF Coin – Mark Mewton

The art has steadily improved over time and the internet allows us to stroll the lot from our couches to snag goodies on sites such as Etsy,  Amazon and ebay.  Buy some stuff and support the Deadhead economy.

Turn On Your Light

So come on baby, baby please

I’m begging you baby, I’m on my knees ~ Turn On Your Lovelight

 That’s right, I’m begging, please, turn on your light!  Deadheads Unite, or at least go with the flow.  We can feel the broken hearts of those who received the dreaded letter, we do, a tear is shed every time I hear of someone getting that rejection letter.  It sucks, deep down hurts, and just plain blows.  But we must rise from the ashes, pick up the pieces and move forward.  In the immortal words of Bluto, Nothing is over until we decide it is! Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no!”

Pretty Little Thing, Let Me Light The Candle

Come join me and fellow Deadheads on the TRI Studios Community!  It’s fun, it’s positive (yes, believe me), it’s creative.  We are in the midst of planning for a meetup in Chicago, come along and join the party every day!

Listen To The Music Play

Go hear some live music – Go hear some local bands and support live music.  On my radar, Jays Happy Sunshine Burger Joint, Phil and Friends, Scott Allen & Mars Hotel.  Who are you seeing?
 If you get confused, listen to the music play – crank this up, or this.  
Shout out to all who provided inspiration & light – SneakyJack, @almostablaze, @EmilyRoars55
Comments always welcome and appreciated, kindness counts. Peace and Love, see you at the show!

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