Grateful Dead For Dummies – Vol VI – Days Between

There were days, and there were days

And there were days between

No One Knows Much More Of This

Questions, questions, questions with no answers.  Feeling blindfolded in a real life game of pin the tail on some tickets?  Me too.  Fear, anxiety, feelings of scarcity are quite evident in my scattered worldview.  Whoever thought it would come to this?  I write this to dispel those feelings, to quiet my mind and open up to all the abundance that surrounds me.  Hope and wishes that we all can let the light in, and let it shine.

A Hopeful Candle Lingers

Sending out love, light and peace in hope that you will feel the positive energy and let all distracting noise subside.  Hang in there kids, these truly are the days between….  time for patience, music, serenity and baking in the goodness that surrounds us.

  Come join me and fellow Deadheads on the TRI Studios Community!  It’s fun, it’s positive (yes, believe me), it’s creative.  We are in the midst of planning for a meetup in Chicago, come along and join the party every day!

Listen To The Music Play

Go hear some live music – Go hear some local bands and support live music.  On my radar are Karmen ButtlerPhil and FriendsNicki Bluhm & The Gramblers with Midnight North.  Who are you seeing?
 If you get confused, listen to the music play – crank this up, or this.  
Shout out to all who provided inspiration & light @nickvanwhy, @joedeaton1, @ratdogfreak, @jenisnugget, @touque42, @weireverywhere, @cray10angie, @ruby_claire, @ronajawetz

Comments always welcome and appreciated, kindness counts. Peace and Love, see you at the show!

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