Grateful Dead For Dummies – Vol VII – Wake Now Discover

Right outside the lazy gate

Of winter’s summer home 

Wake Now Discover

Dog paddling in the spinning sea surrounding our band’s 50th celebration, I seek out a life jacket, something to cling to in hopes to avoid drowning.  A bit dramatic, yes, but I’m determined to light out and see what’s around.

There Comes A Redeemer

Said it before, there’s nothing better than a live show to soothe your soul.  Recently, I got another taste of Jay’s Happy Sunshine Burger Joint.  Being familiar with them from a taping session at Tri Studios, I made my way with my dancing shoes on, knowing full well that dancing would be the order of the night.

The show opened with a funky China Cat jam, Jay Lane and John Dering laying down the beat while the crowd reacted to the familiar melody.  Grateful Dead undertones with bouncy vocals, the band funks their way into Hey Hey.  Happy Sanchez and Sunshine Garcia Becker sing while Chris “CB” Burger lays down rhymes like there’s no tomorrow, the band sweeps the crowd along in their rhythm.

If you have not experienced this band, my words fall short of what they deliver – best put as “fresh, new sounds with some grouchy Grateful Dead watching over it.”  This is not your father’s Dead.

Heart Has It Seasons

The band breaks into Time Of Your Life, throws down some Brownsound and bounces into Give A Little.  The crowd is well caught up in it now, swinging and swaying in time while joining in the catchy chorus.  There’s no stopping now, we are all together, one with the music.  Ride On and It’s Alright follow, positive energy emanating from the stage.  The first notes of Roll Away lift us higher as the group digs into the song and makes it their own.  Jackson Haddad plays the licks we have all come to love, while adding fresh notes to the recipe.  Taylor Garland bounces on the keyboard, weaving notes around in the mix.  Breathe of Fresh Air followed by ‘nattomy of Love ends the set.  Really, the set is over?  Where have we been?  Lost in the tunes, our happy souls smile.

Songs Of Our Own

Jay’s Happy Sunshine Burger Joint will be travelling east this month, you won’t want to miss them.
Fri Mar 6  with Melvin Seals and JGB  Brooklyn Bowl
Sat Mar 7  with Melvin Seals and JGB  The Capitol Theatre
Sun Mar 8  Album Release Party w/ Stella Blues Band  Garcia’s @ The Capitol Theatre
Come join me and fellow Deadheads on the TRI Studios Community!  It’s fun, it’s positive (yes, believe me), it’s creative.  We are in the midst of planning for a meetup in Chicago, come along and join the party every day!
Shout out to all who provided inspiration & light @sunbecker, @jayskilane, @ratdogfreak, @darrenmason, @touque42, @tomcorsie, @lyferdeadhead
Comments always welcome and appreciated, kindness counts. Peace and Love, see you at the show!

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