Sunshine Garcia Band – Review and Setlist

Originally appeared in on Mar 16, 2015

Sunshine Garcia Band 3-14-15

SGB Poster March 2015
The night’s poster


Sunshine (Garcia) Becker vocals
Jay Lane drums
Robin Sylvester bass
Stu Allen guitar
Brad Shulak guitar

Bill Becker bass
Chris (CB) Burger vocals


Good crowd on hand for the second appearance of The Sunshine Garcia Band last night at 19 Broadway, Fairfax CA. Last night’s stellar lineup provided a funk-charged backdrop for Sunshine as the band weaved tapestries from the notes and melodies. The opening jam served to set the mood as the gyrating crowd filled the floor, syncing to the groove and energetically uniting with the band. Soon the familiar strains of Shakedown arose as smiles filled the room and Sunshine reminded us that yes, there’s plenty of heart if we just poke around.

Jay Lane
Robin Sylvester, Stu Allen
Brad Shulak, Jay Lane
Brad Shulak, Jay Lane

The guitar interplay of Stu Allen and Brad Shulak wove around the steady groove provided by Jay Lane and Robin Sylvester. The set smoothly shifted as Sunshine poured her heart into R&B repertoires of the Jerry Band , her beautiful voice filling the room. It was evident right away that she can soulfully soar, the words seemingly lifted straight from her heart. As she belted out River Deep Mountain High, we were reminded of both her wide range and strong roots.

The night seemed to fly by as the music lifted us higher and higher. Bill Becker, Sunshine’s husband and soulmate, came on stage and showed us that talent runs deep in their marriage – the boy can play and play he did, laying down bass licks as the band continued to gyrate. When Chris (CB) Burger came on next, he and Sunshine exchange melody and rhymes as the crowd danced on. CB pulls out rhymes like a magician, appearing like there’s no end to his arsenal of words.

Keep an eye on this band, they are smoking hot and truly provide not only a dance-filled entertaining night, but a sound that reaches your soul.


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