Newest Member of Club Dead

John Mayer Terrapin Crossroads

Anyone Who Sweats Like That

Say what you will about John Mayer, but you have to hand it to the kid. Mayer rambled into Terrapin Crossroads this weekend as an invited guest of Phil and showed nothing but class and respect. Mayer joined this weekends Phil and Friends lineup as they paid tribute to 1977 – arguably the greatest year in Dead history. Welcome to Club Dead John, make yourself right at home.


Now folks, these shows did not require any PR bump, having sold out in minutes once they appeared in the online Terrapin box office. There was no leak of surprise guests to sell these prized tickets, folks were lined up asking for them in social media groups for weeks. As word leaked out late Friday afternoon that there was a surprise guest in town, the excitement built and I’m sure many bought the webcast, but quite frankly we all knew that no matter what, these shows were gonna rock.

Sweet Like a Rhapsody

Phil and Friends paid tribute to the 5/8/77 Cornell show Friday, Mayer sliding on stage between Stu Allen and Scott Metzger forming a dream team guitar trio as the band lifted into New Minglewood Blues. It was evident from the start that Mayer would respectfully provide fills and thrills in the space between, he chose to remain in the background as Stu & Scott exchanged leads in their respective Jerry & Bob roles. Mayer was obviously excited and enthralled to be in the mix as he swayed and rocked to the beat. There were moments where Mayer was allowed room to play and play he did, albeit in a nice warm jammy flow. The crowd responded with glee and by the end of the 2nd set, immersed in a sweat-infused St. Stephen > Morning Dew, the place was on fire.

Let’s Get On The Road Again

We all heard and read the rumors and I am not going to add to the mess, but let me state that you will see me dancing to any show that includes John Mayer in the lineup. I have seen him perform many times and have been a fan since he broke on the scene, I have the scream-damaged ear drums to prove it. But let’s leave it up to Mr. Mayer as he so eloquently stated in the bar after the Saturday show. Yes folks, John Mayer came to play and play he did, into the late night. Welcome to the club John, it’s nice to have you here. Let’s rock!

Shout out to all who provided inspiration & light with a special nod to @brianmarkovitz @deadheadland  
Comments always welcome and appreciated, kindness counts. Peace and Love, see you at the show!
Psychedelic Baldguy

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