Super Bowl Rant

The infamous Super Bowl is coming to the area and I felt compelled to pass along a few things. I’m not a big fan of the game itself and my bucket list never contained “go to a Super Bowl” but I do know some of you will make the trek and again, I felt compelled to pass a few things on. First rule of Super Bowl – don’t get sucked into the hype.

Levi’s Stadium – Palo Alto

The game is not in San Francisco regardless of what the media tells you, in fact Palo Alto is a couple of hours drive from the city both in distance and culture. For the folks who are going to insist it’s an hour tops, bite me. Palo Alto is to San Francisco like Westchester is to New York, if you catch my drift. For folks staying in and around Palo Alto, you will find a nice assortment of chain hotels and restaurants – ignore them and search for local food, it’s out there. If you decide to forego the chains (and why wouldn’t you), I highly recommend Califia, do it. As a side note, good luck with parking ($80%+) , and driving around the area for that matter. For the record, Levi Stadium has parking lots but do not expect to tailgate (how dare you) or get dropped off. The not too distant memories of Dead 50 shows where we paid $60+ to park and were told that we had to eat our sandwiches in the vehicle are still spinning in my brain. For the record, any food consumed around the stadium will be “sanctioned”, they chased off all the good taco and hot dog vendors. If you’re going to plan a meet up with friends, do it long before gameday.  The cell phone coverage will be squat – again, memories of Dead 50. Oh believe me, all the celular vendors are already talking a big game experience, but trust me – do not plan on connecting on game day around the stadium via cell. Once inside, get on the wifi, it’s pretty good. But have fun, it’s all about the experience anyway, right.

San Francisco

Not to be left out of the picture, San Francisco has done a stellar job of cleansing the culture right out of the city. That’s right, we wouldn’t want you all to think we have a homeless problem in this city of endless startups. Hope you enjoy Super Bowl city, but do not think for one minute that this is the city we know and love. if you’re staying in and around the city, you have the opportunity to eat at some of the best restaurants in the world. Make reservations and give yourself plenty of time to get there. Please, do not attempt to drive, trust me. Take the BART or the Muni, it’s simple. Use Uber or take a cab and leave the driving to professionals.

So catch the game (commercials) like me, in a shady place (home) accompanied by all your friends (wife and dog). With any luck, you can get into a pool and root for the score at the end of the quarters, cause we all know that’s where the fun is. But most of all, enjoy the fact that one of your favorite bands is not performing the halftime show, and thank the heavens for that!


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